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Specifically, horticultural, agricultural and scenic pictures, images and photos. Looking for a particular plant, farming scene or New Zealand landscape to use in your publications, on products or for advertising? You'll probably find it at Picture, Image, Photo! Our specialist royalty free botanical images, rural pictures and country photos depict all types of plants (flowers and foliage), farm animals, farm crops, harvesting, farm machinery and country life, as well as the countryside and scenic landscapes.

Our pictures, images and photos are well captioned, with the attention to detail essential for items such as specific plants, crops, livestock breeds and farm equipment. We eschew generic shots of red roses, cows and sheep. Instead we have top quality, properly identified, multi-use royalty free images of specific varieties, makes and breeds. All at low prices. That's hard to beat

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Mustering Merinos


Mustering merino sheep. A combination of hunting and heading dogs keep the sheep moving towards the yard gates


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