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Stock Photos of Piedmontese Cattle

This is a page of stock pictures of Piedmontese cattle. The Piedmontese or Piemontese resulted from 19th century crosses between native northern Italian cattle and several other European breeds. It is a double-muscled beef breed with a docile nature and good fertility. The calves are fawn-coloured at birth, becoming white after a few months. The appearance is generally similar to the Romagnola, though both cow and bull are around 100kg lighter at maturity.

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Piedmontese Cow and Bull <h4>Image ID CFG9035</h4>

Piedmontese Cow and Bull

Image ID CFG9035

Piedmontese Cow and Bull <h4>Image ID CFG9036</h4>

Piedmontese Cow and Bull

Image ID CFG9036

Piedmontese Cows <h4>Image ID CFG9030</h4>

Piedmontese Cows

Image ID CFG9030

Piedmontese Cows <h4>Image ID CFG9031</h4>

Piedmontese Cows

Image ID CFG9031

Piedmontese Cows <h4>Image ID CFG9032</h4>

Piedmontese Cows

Image ID CFG9032

Piedmontese Cows <h4>Image ID CFG9033</h4>

Piedmontese Cows

Image ID CFG9033

Piedmontese Cows <h4>Image ID CFG9034</h4>

Piedmontese Cows

Image ID CFG9034


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